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ESP Solutions

Complete ESP Solutions:

  • Thorough Inspection of ESPs, Clean & Dirty Inspections and Recommendations
  • Rebuild of the ESPs
    • Engineering expertise to inspect, evaluate and remove deficiencies to rebuild ESPs within their existing footprint to give these a longer life and meet current particulate emission standards
    • Expertise and experience to handle all types of OEM Equipment in various configurations
    • Working methodology that includes field inspection services, cost effective recommendations, special & customized solutions and performance modeling & predictions
  • Retrofitting / Revamping of ESP
    • Engineering & Field Installations expertise in rebuild methods to deliver improved Power and Sectionalization of HV Systems
  • GD Testing
  • Performance Testing / Emission Level Testing
  • Replacement of ESP collecting electrodes, emitting electrodes, raping system, suspension system, insulators, GD screens etc
  • Erection during shutdown for ESP (internal replacement )

Technical Services:

  • Servicing of Bag Houses / Dust Collectors
  • Study of Existing System
  • Installation & commissioning services for all the Air Pollution Control products
  • GCT (Gas Conditioning Tower) Installation, Commissioning and Erection.
  • Optimization Software related with ESP including Stack Monitor device (Opacity Monitor)
  • Continuous Particulate Monitor (Opacity Monitor) to check the emission level on stack.
  • Acoustic Cleaning and Upgradation of Rapping System
  • Juice can - to optimize the power level of ESP
  • VICLR - to minimize the power level of the field
  • Scrubber - dry & wet
  • Spray Cyclone